Conference Speaking

FireStats principal Paul Rottenberg is a nationally-recognized expert on process and performance measurement for fire and EMS and has presented on a wide range of topics at Fire and EMS conferences nationwide, including:  
  •  •  The International Association of Fire Chief’s Fire Rescue International
  •  •  The Center for Public Safety Excellence’s Annual Excellence Conference
  •  •  The League of California Cities’ Conference
  •  •  The California Fire Chief’s Association
  •  •   The Ontario (Canada) Fire Chief’s Association
  • •  The TEEX Leadership
  •  •  The Fire District Association of California
  •  •  The Ohio Fire Chiefs Conference
Some of the topics on which Mr. Rottenberg has presented include:
  • • Using data to predict future service demand
  • • Using publicly available data to better understand your community
  • • Fundamentals of public health concepts
  • • Fundamentals of surveying and polling
  • • Case studies of medium-sized fire departments’ deployment assessment process
  • • Performance measurement for Fire and EMS
  • • Performance measurement for Dispatch operations
To discuss possible presentation topics and terms for speaking engagements, please contact Mr. Rottenberg directly.