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New Website Update

Well, we have finally gotten the new Website up and running. The site is built in WordPress and its development was a challenge because, well, just about everything with computers and developers seems to be a challenge.

In anticipation of launching of the new Data Analysis class for Emergency Communications, we have built in some class registration and payment processing functions. Classes not being taught under the auspices of the CPSE can be promoted, signed up for and paid for on the site. A backend database manages the class registrants’ contact information, class size, etc…

The new section for industry news is one I am optimistic about being able to maintain and I am hoping that I’ll be able to get a newsletter out periodically with links to interesting articles that many fire service folks might otherwise not have been aware of.

The section for YouTube links contains videos that I have made for the express purpose of supporting data analysis classes and for providing people access to tutorials for specific operations in Excel. If you have any questions or are interested in a particular operation, please check in with me by email and I’ll try to put up a video explaining it.

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